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Reading the Ocean

Originally posted on Rasma Says:
The first time I ever tried meditating, it turned into a writing experience. I didn’t intend to write but, you see, I was failing the…


Ocean Writing

ever thought to combine meditation and writing? I did, and it changed me forever…


War on the horizon. Chickpeas, peanut butter and wine in the cupboard.

The headline pops up on my phone, white letters in a red rectangle: fare for atomkrig …A forecast for nuclear war, like a weather warning, like the category two hurricane they gave … Continue reading



I didn’t know how much the pandemic restrictions mattered until they were lifted.


Historic Countdown: kl.1600

He does not know I am counting down the minutes until 1600. He can neither talk nor count, but one day he will read about the year he was born, and how it changed the world.

25/09/2021 · 1 Comment



Digital Reading Revisited

New ways of interrupting the digital reading experience (i.e. clickbait) are just as disruptive as those whacky ads. No, more so, because they are harder to ignore. Why? Because it is harder to see what the interruption means.

09/07/2021 · 1 Comment

Are Journals Memoir?

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:
By Rasma Haidri On Twitter yesterday I saw someone ask if he can call himself a memoirist because he keeps journals. No, I…


Walt Whitman’s final verse speaks to today…


In times like these…

  … the profound truths of what it means to be human should emerge from my pen as deep, symbolic poetry or moving lyrical essays or intimate letters to a … Continue reading

17/04/2020 · 2 Comments

Shocked, Awed and Blessed

I’m stumbling through this week in a bit of shock and awe… Veronica almost drowned on Sunday during a mishap at the wilderness area called Heggemoen where we take our … Continue reading

14/09/2018 · 4 Comments

Burning Books, Again

Before this there had been only one burned book. I swear. It happened in 1992 and it scored a small scar on my personal integrity the way my one act … Continue reading


Identity Crash

Dear Bergen, When the airplane ducked under the cap of cloud that marks your location on the map, I expected to be met with, well, something else. You could have … Continue reading


Poetry review


Dagen derpå

I. Prague You wake up in a foreign city, somewhere in Eastern Europe by the look of the pretzels, speckled sausages, pickled onions, seven-layer cake for breakfast. And oh the … Continue reading


Stavanger festival for literature and free speech. Day 5. Retreat.

Thon Hotel Stavanger has a nice room they call the lounge. It’s not the lobby where there are chairs, sofas, computers and a Nespresso coffee machine. It more resembles the … Continue reading

25/09/2017 · 2 Comments

Day 4: Kapittel – festival for litteratur og ytringsfrihet

Things to do: Pay my dues to Norsk Pen Find Mikail Eldin’s book about fighting in Chechenia Did I say pay my dues to Norsk Pen? Last year members of … Continue reading


Day 3: The Stavanger Festival of Literature and Free Speech

Day 3 starts at 11 o’clock, I’m still typing, in bed, in pyjamas, blurry eyed and tired… was up all night watching TV, something I only do in hotels, this … Continue reading


Stavanger Free Speech and Literature Festival Day 2

The Stavanger literature festival always has the subtitle “literature and free speech”. I like that. What is literature if not free speech? Still, authors like K.O. Knausgård and V. Hjorth have … Continue reading


On poetry, memoir, truth and revolution: Stavanger Literature Festival Day 1

Actually, they call it an International Festival of Literature and Freedom of Speech. The subtitle is Revolution. There are a number of sessions relating to the Russian Revolution in 1917, … Continue reading


Hidden Poetry Reveals Trump

  Who would have thought that Trump was a poet? No one I’m sure. But finding poetry hidden in his inauguration speech is what the Erase-Transform Poetry Project is devoted … Continue reading


Brenda Ueland, revisted

In the late 1980’s I had returned from student years in Norway to start my adult life in Wisconsin. My youthful propensity for writing, the fake newspapers and spy documents … Continue reading


Plath: an under-standing

My volume of Sylvia Plath’s Collected Poems is on the bottom of my bookshelf. I notice it now that I have organized my favorite to-reach-for books at eye level. The … Continue reading


To Trump or Be Trumped

I awake the morning after the inauguration from a dream I don’t remember, but its mood lingers in the words I whisper into the dusky arctic dawning: That was my … Continue reading


Words at Year’s End

On the last day of the year I learn about a poet named Judith Ortiz Cofer who died yesterday. Someone on the women’s poetry (WOMPO) yahoo list sent out a … Continue reading

31/12/2016 · 1 Comment

On the Happenstance of Luck and the Circumstance of Bliss

  There is no reason one person is lucky and not another. No reason that Tuesday morning at 8:15 I opted to ride on the sidewalk – the safe alternative, … Continue reading


The Best Laid Plans….

I can’t wait for Wimbledon. Each summer since 2006, when I reluctantly indulged my sweetheart’s interest in watching the game, I have been hooked on the visual candy of green and … Continue reading

09/06/2015 · 3 Comments

Andrew Coyne: Losing longhand breaks link to the past



Poem: What Good is Green Grass?

What Good is Green Grass?


Book Review: I am the Beggar of the World

The beautiful translations of the landays in this collection allow Western readers to share the secret, crafty, sly, witty, subversive utterings of Afghani women, and to relish their vitality and vivacity. There … Continue reading


Yes, I am on strike!

In 1999 I quit teaching. No leave of absence, no early retirement option, no backup plan. I had just understood, finally on a deep nearly visceral level that I could … Continue reading


Maybe I’m a stickler for detail… but even the moose stopped in their tracks!

I am still reeling from what I heard on a Poetry Magazine podcast this morning. I just fired a letter off to the editors, and will follow up this post … Continue reading


On football, guns and gammelost

This weekend Norway has received notice of a possible terrorist attack from Syria, where about 40 Norwegians are currently on humanitarian aid missions. Some would say “supposed humanitarian aid missions.” … Continue reading


For WOMPO: A bit about being an expatriate writer…

Being an English-language poet in Norway was a challenge. I had been part of a manuscript group of women poets in Madison, Wisconsin for ten years before moving to Hawaii. … Continue reading


For WOMPO: A bit about Bodø, Norway and how I got here…

For those on the WOMPO list who asked about where I live and why…

24/07/2014 · 4 Comments

Dog-(dg)-ing the Block

  They meet, you see, every once in a while; each of them having a dog, so they have something in common. This is how they found each other, through … Continue reading


Abbreviated Learning

“That’s not an abbreviation,” I say to the student who has written a paragraph depicting the informal features of a text wherein he lists you’re as an abbreviation. “Oh,” he … Continue reading

08/06/2014 · 1 Comment

Nostalgia for Darkness Sets In

  Have you ever thought what it would be like to have a blow torch wave in slow motion across your line of vision? That is the arctic sun in … Continue reading


You Might be Interested in This…

I am slowly, surely and not too reluctantly joining the online world. As many of you know, I committed FB suicide a few years ago, and have not yet been … Continue reading


The Reports of My Early Demise are Largely Exaggerated

  The fact that my blog has been silent for nearly a year, and the last entry was related to a boarding pass guffaw, can mean only one thing: I … Continue reading


Business Travel 101

So, the one time I try to do like other “frequent travellers” and use my SMART phone as a boarding card…. I stand there like a ninny PRETENDING I can … Continue reading


Buy an Essay of Rasma Haidri’s Work!

Giga Alert has alerted me to a FREE ESSAY website that has used my work. Should I be pleased? Indignant? Outraged? Entertained? LOL is the most erudite response I can think of. I mean, is … Continue reading


NORGE RUNDT – I fri dressur 8. juni 2013

Norge rundt I FRI DRESSUR AVISA NORDLAND LØRDAG 8. JUNI 2013 DENNE UKA HAR jeg vært på reisefot. Fem byer på fem dager i forbindelse med lanseringen av en lærebok … Continue reading



I am taking a moment out of my heavy duty writing schedule of a textbook for vocational English to say, YA rules. YA as in Young Adult literature. Last night … Continue reading


17th of May

It is a perfect 17th of May. Sun and a light breeze makes for almost too-hot-for-bunad-wearing weather. Pleasant, if we ignore the global warming implications, as well as the loss … Continue reading


A National Poetry Month Review: Mel Gibson is a Menace to Your LoveLife

National Poetry Month: The Sycamore Review shares one of my poems


Hector Thunder in the Sky 20 Sept 04 – 05 Apr 13

portrait of a best friend


India is a Woman

  SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2013 ATMA ADITI ACHUTA   by Rasma Haidri India is a woman with bangles of gold, yellow silk draped over a bronze arm fingers elegant and … Continue reading


A few words about nothing that prove something, or not

Eeek, as soon as I set about blogging after a haitus of what, at least 6 months? I get a pop-up that says something like “Now you can call out … Continue reading


The American Dream

The dung colored military plane hovering, literally standstill, over Cloudberry at the intersection of riksvei 80 and Hunstadringen was an anomaly in the brilliant yellow and blue sky morning that … Continue reading



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